Vex Blocks

Itzy Interactive

Release Date: March 13, 2013
My Role: Gameplay Programmer

This game came from a capstone project that I worked on as a student at NAIT. The goal of this capstone was to make a prototype of the game that could be developed further by Itzy's team.

I was the team lead that was responsible to connect with the client to provide regular updates. I would hold team scrums weekly and ensure that all members of the team were aware of what they were expected to do and what everyone else was up to.

My responsibilities included:

  • Create the system that would change orientation when the device was rotated

  • Create a touch-and-drag input that would allow for 8-axis selection if the appropriate shape or colour was selected

  • Implement a scoring system based off the amount of blocks selected

  • Create an explosion effect after matching more than 3 blocks that rearrange the surrounding blocks