Mass Effect 3: Retaliation


Release Date: October 9, 2012
My Role: Quality Assurance Tester

This was my first project in AAA development. I was hired as a replacement for a team of testers whose contracts were expiring. I had to quickly learn as much as I could before the old testers left.

One of the largest multiplayer DLCs ever released by BioWare, the Retaliation DLC implemented 15 enemies, 16 character classes, 3 weapons, 3 ammo boosts, 5 consumables and 6 hazard maps. As well, it implemented a large challenge system that rewarded the player with a banner they could change.

My responsibilities included:

  • Performance testing necessary because of the increased particle effects in the new enemies and maps

  • Balance testing of new character classes, the weapons, and consumables both in isolation and within the existing game 

  • Compliance testing of a 5x5 matrix of matchmaking possibilities between this DLC and the previous 3 (plus base-game)

  • Functionality testing of the art, animation, gameplay and audio of the new enemies

  • System testing of the Challenges by assuring that the challenges could be completed and the banners appropriately rewarded