Mass Effect 3: Citadel


Release Date: March 5, 2013
My Role: Quality Assurance Tester

After getting the Mass Effect Compilation to its release candidate, I was brought over to the new single-player DLC project, Citadel, at the start of development as the main QA point of contact for the Armax Arena. 

My responsibilities included:

  • Communicating updates between the developers and the QA team

  • Regularly attended stand-ups

  • Updating "Ready For Testing" documents

  • Providing primary testing for all aspects of the Arena as well as secondary support for all other areas of the DLC

My most triumphant testing moment occurred during this project. While helping test the apartment scenes, I was assigned to test James Vega's pull-up scene. The scene required you to beat his record of 182 "pull-ups" (quick-time events of RT or LT). This normally took about 20 minutes to do. After completing it a few times, I noticed that it was not counting correctly. Sometimes it finished with less; sometimes requiring much more. After looking through the dialog tool that was being used, and getting the cinematic designer to implement a debug counter, I was able to determine that the irregularity was due to the origins of the player (pre-service history and psychological profile). As we approached the cutoff for submission, I worked exceptionally quickly with the narrative designer to get the logic fixed within minutes of the deadline. It was a small, but proud victory for me.