Dragon Age: Inquisition


Release Date: November 18, 2014
My Role: Quality Assurance Tester

Originally brought on for testing of the multiplayer component of the game, I took the lead of my team and guided the testing of hundreds of tests between pre-alpha and launch.


My responsibilities during this time included:

  • Building and running 4-person test plans for white-box, orange-box and hardening stages of development

  • Running latency, bandwidth and packet-loss testing within a "clean-room" environment

As well, after the launch of the title, I joined the live support team and led their multiplayer team.


My responsibilities on this team included: 

  • Performing build verification tests every morning to ensure testing was valid on that build

  • Quickly identifying and reproducing any bugs that were causing issues in the live product

  • Deploying 7 patches in the first 5 months of launch

  • Being a scrum team member for the online development team


Despite handling that large workload, I was also able to provide secondary assistance to the multiplayer DLC team.