Release Date: February 22, 2019
My Role: Quality Analyst - UX/UI

My first project starting in pre-production, I was initially hired on as a Gameplay Quality Analyst before volunteering to build the new testing strategy for UI and UX, Responsible with creating the project-long strategy for which all UI would be tested, I had to use my experience and prior project resources to plan out the entire development cycle without having full knowledge of what would be developed. 

My responsibilities included:

  • Supporting the UI/UX scrum team through quality risk assessment, test plan creation and execution, and ad-hoc verification checks

  • Working with QA Leads and Engineers to develop tools that would allow QA to better provide qualitative feedback through quantitative results

  • Developing a framework for agile acceptance criteria verification across the entire QA department leading to features being tested earlier and identified quality risks through analytical reporting

  • Creating and maintaining debug commands and other testing assets within the Frostbite engine