Chris Nickerson

Software Developer


What I Bring To The Project


With experience in multiple Object-Oriented Languages, including C#, C++, Python and Java, I provide value and versatility for different types of development teams.


I have built game design documents (GDDs) from scratch, as well as developed from pre-existing documents. Understanding the iteration process of design, I look for every opportunity to learn from others and provide feedback.


Spending a good amount of my early career in Quality Assurance, I have been groomed to have a very analytical mindset to development. I value vigorous testing and error handling, and am a strong proponent of unit testing and code reviews.

Project Management

Working closely with producers, project managers and fellow developers, I've built my own agile boards to track not just my work, but the work of my fellow developers as well. Through this, I was able to create reports that assessed risks to the project.


Experienced in the creation, maintenance, and data-entry of Oracle and MSSQL database, I am able to support, not only the software side of development, but the data management side as well.


Having worked on games that have implemented both peer-to-peer multiplayer, as well as ones that have had dedicated server infrastructure, I am well-versed in the protocols and best practices of online multiplayer.


Due to the volatile nature of software development, priorities are often changed without notice. While working on multiple project at once, I've found I am capable of putting projects on hold, adjusting quickly, and then returning to the old project without missing a beat.


As much as it pains me to admit, I'm not all-knowing. However, I strive to be as good at what I do as I can. This is what motivates me to continually seek out wisdom; whether from co-workers, online, or other forms of learning.


What My Peers Have To Say About Me

We provided (Chris) with a variety of tasks that took him outside of his field of practice for which he overcame numerous creative and technical challenges. His experience, work ethic, and commitment to achieving given objectives paved the way to his role as a software developer within this same year. I’ve appreciated the outputs as well as the feedback Chris has provided us

Wade Muri - Director, Business Development at NAIT

What You Have To Say

Though I am currently based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I am very open to any opportunities. My next adventure could be with you! Reach out to me over LinkedIn or one of my other social media channels, and we can speak further.

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